Alienators Episode
Season 1, Episode 1
Name Survival (1)
Air date September 15, 2001
production Code 101
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Survival (2)

Survival (1) (also known as Survival pt.1) is the first episode of Alienators: Evolution Continues (known in the UK as Evolution: the Animated Series). This episode takes place a couple of months after the film ended.

Synopsis Edit

Glen Canyon is once again ground zero for an outbreak of the Genus. only this time, it's happening downtown at City Hall. Ira and his team discover the amazing adaptability of the Genus.... a scientific discovery that almost cost them their lives. It's going to take stealth, brains and a really new, really big weapon to save them this time.

Full plot Edit

It starts with Harry replaying (for the 535th time) the news report of them saving Glen Canyon from the Genus, only to be stopped by Ira, who brings him along to City Hall to reason with the mayor on parking tickets. Meanwhile, the City Hall's janitor is attacked by numerous Genus flatworms, and by the time the mayor sends Harry and Ira out, the Genus break into his office and evolve into insects. Ira uses a fire extinguisher to reroute the bugs, but they end up running into a vent. Ira goes to the CID while Harry brings Wayne to City Hall to find the Genus creatures. At the CID, Ira and Allison succesfully create Gassie to help them track the Genus. After meeting back at City Hall, the four follow Gassie to the basement, where the Genus pod is located. Several Genus spiders attack the group until Ira creates the Devolver from Wayne's shampoo-filled water gun, a fire extinguisher, and his Evolutionary Stasis Ray. After destroying the pod, a Genus spider crawls into the furnace and evolves into a dragonfly, but is killed after Harry shoots it with the Devolver. Back at the CID, Woodman orders Ira, Harry and Wayne out but is stopped when Gassie leaps on his head. As the three leave, Woodman shouts to Ira to get Gassie off his head.


First gassie is seen scared, then a genus bug evolves into a raptor, then several genus monsters leave a cave, but one of the genus creatures evolves into scopes.scene cuts to the genus monsters attacking glen canyon, but the alienators stop them.

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